Recent Recalls and Warnings About Dangerous Medical Devices

GE Healthcare, Giraffe OmniBed and Giraffe Incubator. On January 8, 2013, GE Healthcare notified customers of a serious defect in these two products for newborn babies. It was discovered that each device could randomly overwrite stored data about the newborn and the alarm function could fail. These defects could result in serious injury to newborns, including hypothermia, hyperthermia, hypoxia (inadequate oxygen) and/or hyperoxia (high blood oxygen). Get more information from the FDA about Giraffe bed and incubator recalls.

LifeScan, Inc., OneTouch Verio IQ Blood Glucose Meter. On March 25, 2013, LifeScan began sending defect notifications to consumers, pharmacies, health care professionals, and distributors. It was learned that the blood glucose meter turns off and returns to set up mode if the glucose value registers above 1023 mg/dL instead of displaying the message “extreme high glucose.” Extreme hyperglycemia can result in serious adverse health consequences, including death. Get more information from the FDA about the OneTouch blood glucose meter recalls.

Vascular Solutions Inc., Guardian II and Guardian II NC Hemostasis Valves, Model Numbers 8210, 8211, 8215, and 8216. On February 28, 2013, Vascular Solutions sent defect notifications regarding these models of hemostatis valves, which are intended to reduce blood loss during surgical procedures involving catheterization. It was discovered that there was a significant risk that the device takes on air during the procedure, which could result in an air embolism in the patient. Air embolisms are a serious adverse medical event, possibly resulting in death. Get more information from the FDA about the Guardian hemostatis valves recall.

These are only a few of the FDA’s announcements about recalls of dangerous medical devices in 2013. Review all medical device recalls on the FDA’s website, or sign up for FDA email alerts to receive notifications when the FDA issues a new recall or updates information about an existing dangerous medical device recall.

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