Family Law Receiverships

Using a Receivership to Protect Marital Property

If you are involved in a divorce proceeding, and there are substantial marital assets, or there is a business that is a significant part of your net worth, you may want to take legal action to secure, protect and manage property and business interests until the divorce is final. The court may appoint a receiver, but you can also seek the appointment of a private receiver. You want someone who understands not only your legal rights and concerns, but knows how to effectively manage property or operate a business to maximize value. Attorney Kevin Buchanan, of Kevin Buchanan & Associates, P.L.L.C., can help.

Attorney Buchanan brings nearly two decades of experience to men and women who need to protect property involved in a divorce. With an MBA as well as a law degree, Kevin has the skill and knowledge to protect your assets. He has served as a receiver in situations involving family law, business and probate disputes. He has also represented parties in dealings with receivers.

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Our Family Law Receivership Practice

We will serve either as receiver, or as receiver’s counsel, working with men and women throughout the divorce process. Whether we have been appointed by the court as receiver or privately appointed, we will use our considerable skill, knowledge, experience and resources to learn the details of your property holdings or business operation, so that we can effectively identify and implement strategies to preserve and, if possible, increase the value of your assets or business.

Because of Kevin Buchanan’s business training and experience, we know how to work effectively with receivers to protect your interests. We won’t take a hands-off approach, but will carefully monitor all matters related to your property or business, taking legal action to protect and preserve your assets, if necessary. We have a comprehensive understanding of how businesses are valued, so we can not only determine an accurate assessment of the worth of a family business, but also know the things you need to do to maximize its value.

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